Liebster Award ♡

Hey Everyone,

Today I have some really cool news; my blog was nominated for a Liebster Award! If I am honest, I initially didn’t know what this was when I was first nominated, but it’s an award to raise some awareness of small bloggers. Basically, someone nominates you; you answer 11 questions that the nominator posts, then you nominate 11 bloggers, and create 11 questions for them to answer. I hope I explained that well if not, check out Lauren’s blog she has a much better explanation. So with that done here are my answers!

1.) If you could invite two people to dinner (dead, alive, fictional or real) who would they be?
The first person I would invite would be Harry Styles because yes I am a fangirl and because it is my absolute dream to meet him, and the second person I would invite would have to be the character Frank from the book ‘Since you’ve been Gone’, he seems like the most loveliest guy and I would just love to have a conversation with him.

2.) Describe your blog in three words.
Just completely me! There you go, I hope there are good enough…

3.) What is your favourite book?
I have so many but the top two are ‘Since you’ve been Gone’ and ‘Second Chance Summer’, they are both by Morgan Matson and I read these books on holiday in about two days!

4.) Why did you start your blog?
Well I have always loved writing and recently I had been think about starting a blog for ages, and after months of convincing myself it was a good idea and starting a blog then getting anxious and nervous, then stopping that one. Once again I started this blog and I am so happy with it and just never want to stop!

5.) Do you have a secret talent? What is it?
I don’t think I have a secret talent, if I do then it is certainly a secret to me, but otherwise I’m pretty normal and there is nothing special that I can do!

6.) Favourite subject in school?
I love Art Textiles, for those who don’t know it is basically just a combination of Art and Textiles -we call it fashion for short because that it basically it. It’s so much fun and the work is all creative. I also really like History because I like to know how and why everything happened and what people went through to make the world how it is today.

7.) Most awkward thing you’ve ever done?
This is a really hard question to answer for me cause I have done so many awkward and embarrassing things that I can’t think of just one! If I can eventually think of one, I may do a whole post about it and what I would do differently…

8.) Are you more of a dog or cat person?
I prefer dogs even though I have never had one, but I have looked after them before and they are just too cute! But when I was little we had two cat called Carter and Reagan, they were really old when I was born and sadly they are both dead now.

9.) What’s your go to hairstyle?
Definitelyeither a half up half down hairstyle (like Ariana Grande) or just a classic ponytail, because my hair is really thick and I find it hard to find a hairstyle that suits my hair.

10.) Who is your inspiration?
My inspiration in live is my Mum, she is such an amazing person and a good Mum, I feel so honoured to say she is my Mum and I just am so inspired by all the things she has done and gone through in her life. I am also inspired by a few celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato because they stick up for what they believe in, and they make teenage girls like me believe that we are beautiful no matter what.

11.) Favourite Starbucks/Costa drink?
I never really have Starbucks or Costa but I love chocolate mochas, hot chocolates and Frappechinos, it all depends on my mood and the weather.

So there were my answers now here are the questions for the nominated bloggers to answer:
1.) If you were a Disney Character what character would you be?
2.) What is your favourite time of the year?
3.) Why did you start writing you blog? Did anyone inspire you?
4.) What is your favourite quote and why?
5.) What three people do you look up to the most, and why? 6.) What did you want to be when you were little (around the age of 5)?
7.) What thing do you want to do most this year?
8.) What is your favourite child-hood memory and why is it you’re favourite?
9.) Where is your favourite place to shop and what three words best describes your sense of style?
10.) What is your favourite way to relax and what would be your ideal ‘me-day’?
11.) Do you have a “usual” drink in a coffee shop?

So there are the questions, now I can’t think of 11 blogs to nominate so I am just going to do as many as I can think of!


Those are all the blogs I can think of, you show definitely check them out they are amazing. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post and I will make sure to keep posting as regularly as I can.

CharlotteAnn ♡


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